the Story

Executive/head chef

Adam Serota

With a strong entrepreneurial & food-loving background, Adam turned a quarantine hobby of rolling sushi, learning through YouTube videos into a booming business becoming one of the country’s most celebrated private chefs. Chef Adam embodies where inspired, passionate work can take you. “My goal has always been to make my favorite foods exactly how they should be made & eaten. From their structural integrity to focusing on the textures & quality of ingredients, I don’t care about efficiency or economics of the dish like most restaurants are concerned with, I care about creating my favorite foods in their best possible format.”

VP of Performance nutrition

Gia de jesus

After studying Applied Nutrition at University of Florida & Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales, Gia worked her way into professional sports becoming a clubhouse performance chef for the 2021 Boston Red Sox and then the 2022 NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies. Seeking deeper impact with her knowledge & capabilities, Gia teamed up with Chef Adam to create a new segment of the business, focused on performance meal plans & team catering. Working directly with professional athletes, pro sports teams & high-performance individuals, she leads the performance end of the business in groundbreaking fashion, bringing a much-needed source of reliable & delicious food that helps fuel the best athletes & teams on Earth.

Often Imitated, Never Replicated

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July 2020

Humble Beginning

Adam moved home to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Denver during COVID. He rented a studio apartment, was working on a pet supplement start-up and began learning how to cook in his free time.

December 2020

First Clients

After sharing countless photos of his self-taught cooking journey on his personal social media, Adam decided to create the @ChefAdamSerota Instagram account. Within weeks, he started receiving requests from friends and family to cook dinners for them.

January 2021

Turning Point

The pet supplement start-up officially goes under and Adam is left without an income source, other than infrequent requests to cook for friends and family.

February 2021

A tough decision

A family friend familiar with Adam’s entrepreneurial background and impressed after a try-out dinner, offered Adam the opportunity to become an owner and run his restaurant in Aiken, South Carolina. Desperate for income and ready to accept the offer, Adam cooked dinner for a couple who changed his life forever with their advice after hearing they would be his last booking.

"Adam, you’re too good at this to leave now. You have to see this through. You got this restaurant opportunity after two months in this business, just imagine what opportunities you’ll get after two years…"

March 2021

Celebrity Clients

Adam decided to take their advice and turn the offer down. Days later he received his first opportunity to cook on a yacht for his first celebrity clients - Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush. Jordan and Rachel have since become repeat clients and champions of Adam’s business. 

May 2021

Yacht Charters

After earning the trust of Miami yachting power-players, Adam began landing bookings on yacht charters several times per week. Ben Simmons, Mitch Trubisky, Dave Portnoy and Jorge Masvidal were all enamored with his food and service. The bookings continued to pour in and Adam’s business was off to the races. 

Fall 2021

Expanding Horizons

During the Fall of 2021, Adam & his team executed their first wedding to rave reviews, cooked for the Buffalo Bills the night before they played the Dolphins in Miami, cooked for Dansby Swanson & Mallory Pugh’s engagement party, Vintage Culture’s release party, Rachel Bush’s birthday dinner (in Buffalo), and their first major corporate holiday party.

Spring 2022

NBA Partnership

Excel Sports Management contracted Adam to be the executive chef of their NBA Draft Prep Camp in Miami, FL. While helping the top NBA prospects gain a competitive edge through their nutrition, Adam continued to service bookings in his free time for stars like Najee Harris, Michael Vick, Patty Mills, Matt Harvey, & more. During this time, Adam also took on his first meal plan client, Jordan Poyer.

Fall 2022

Highlight Moments

Adam continued growing the business as the year progressed, hiring chefs from notable restaurants in South Florida including Makoto, Louie Bossi’s and The Capital Grille. One of the most notable weekends of the year was when he cooked pre-game dinner for the Bills and then new Dolphins star, Tyreek Hill, called Adam to cook dinner for him & his family following the Bills - Dolphins game. 

Another notable weekend was during an iconic Art Basel party where Adam was hired to cook for some big names including Venus & Serena Williams, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Dave Grutman, & Michael Bay, who even hopped on the grill with him!

Spring 2023

Business Evolution

In March, Adam made his first full-time hire, Gia DeJesus. Coming from kitchens of MLB powerhouses, Gia brought a whole new layer of performance nutrition to the company and aided significantly in Adam’s expansion into performance meal plans & pro sports catering. Adam grew into a massive 1600 square foot commercial kitchen to support the volume of food they were producing. Handling offseason meal plans for dozens of NFL stars & running Excel Sports’ NBA Draft Prep Camp kept Adam & his team quite busy. Nonetheless, Adam also launched his Yacht Charter Catering segment, providing easier access to his gourmet foods for the entire South Florida yachting community.

Fall 2023

Raising the Stakes

In September of 2023, Adam expanded the meal plan & team catering segments to Detroit, Michigan. The plan is to open up kitchens in every major sports city to service their clients & teams nationwide. Furthermore, Adam’s team is developing software to improve the food-ordering experience for yacht and jet charter customers around the country. With this nationwide network, clients will easily be able to order Chef Adam’s classics prepared & delivered fresh to wherever they are.